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Process & High Temperature Technology

Systems for coil treatment, enamelling, resin impregnation, fluidized bed sintering, carbon fiber production, high temperature technology and heat treatment systems.

Process & High Temperature Technology

Using our vast expertise in respect of sophisticated processes and procedures, we develop overall plants of high-grade quality for you. We keep it rolling when it comes to processes and thermal process engineering and provide you with state-of-the-art technologies. What is more, we do not stop at novel processes and procedures.

Our plants are a combination of proven technology and innovative solutions – to ensure that you always stay ahead of your competitors!


E-Gate makes it possible for the first time to separate pressures and atmospheres in thermal processes and thus operate continuously in the high-temperature range. This sets the stage for line production that yields high throughputs and thus provides for more efficient manufacturing of high-tech products.

Designed as a double-door lock, this new development is used in Eisenmann roller kilns.

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Process & High Temperature Technology


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