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Whether you’re recycling steel strips or razors... Eisenmann is your go-to specialist for thermal hardening processes. In metallurgy, sintering also plays an important role, since this is the process in which the microstructure of the sintered parts is created and their mechanical properties are defined. Eisenmann has long been a leader in the enameling industry.

Pull-through furnaces are used for recycling steel strips, bimetal saw blades, industrial razors, shaving razors, etc. The fully automated 5-muffle pull-through furnace plant was developed for continuous hardening and tempering of CrNi steel strips in shielding gas. Monitoring and control processes are performed by the PLC, and the plant is operated via visual display. All quality control-related data is stored and used for analysis. For the continuous hardening of bimetal saw blades in shielding gas, we offer an electrically heated pull-through furnace designed for temperatures of up to 1,300 °C.

One special feature is the static cooling section for bimetal saw blade hardening plants. It requires no chiller unit and no coolant; just water.

Sintering is the process in which the microstructure of a metal is created and its mechanical properties are defined. The modular roller hearth kiln with lock system is the embodiment of a thoroughly high-performance concept for high-temperature sintering of complex structural parts made of powder metals and MIM. Continuous roller hearth kilns with double door lock systems provide outstanding performance, since they can be perfectly adjusted to process requirements. With temperatures of up to 1350 °C, atmosphere separation and precise setting of the temperature profile, these furnaces are capable of reproducibly manufacturing low-alloy and high-alloy PM steels. Very low dew points allow for the reliable sintering of alloy elements with high oxygen affinity such as chromium, manganese or vanadium. An integrated rapid cooling module permits sinter-hardening of new PM steels with tight dimensional tolerances and high material hardness values.

In the enameling industry, the name Eisenmann is a synonym for complete enameling systems from one source. Our engineers have extensive experience and objectively compare the advantages and disadvantages of alternative methods. What the customer gets is turn-key plants for enameling boilers and hot water tanks, stove components, bath and shower tubs, traffic signs, architectural panels and much more.



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