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Lightweight construction is becoming more and more relevant, especially in the automotive industry. Eisenmann stands for sturdy, efficient and innovative plants for thermal processes in the production of carbon fiber, aluminum and press-hardened steels.

Efficiency and high repeatability are decisive factors in the production of extremely resilient carbon fiber. Eisenmann offers solutions for all process steps while precisely maintaining temperature and air flows at up to 2,300°C, as well as solutions for purifying released pollutants in reliable exhaust treatment systems. Mastering oxidation processes is a complex task. Having furnaces that set standards with regard to temperature and air velocity distribution is a major advantage. To achieve a process that is stable and operates close to the limits, the Eisenmann offers comprehensive testing in the cutting edge R&D furnace at our technology center. Working in close collaboration with Eisenmann specialists, users can determine their optimal process parameters and ventilation variants right from the design phase.

Aluminum and aluminum alloys have major potential for lightweight construction in the automotive sector. In order to meet the strength requirements, the materials are subjected to special heat treatments. Manufacturers of structural components, cylinder heads, engine blocks, transmission parts and various other parts, as well as automotive wheels, choose Eisenmann as their partner. Our range of products for the treatment of heat treatable alloys includes many customized solutions for solution annealing, quenching and age-hardening. The plant is designed with stable and repeatable processes in mind. The main factors are optimum air circulation design, the definition of the heating zone length (electric or gas-heated,) the conveyor concept and the design of the quenching unit. So every workpiece leaves the production plant as a “first class” part.

Highly stable, lightweight and inexpensive to produce as solutions made of aluminum or carbon fiber, press hardening stands out as a manufacturing method in automotive mass production. Up to a quarter of a vehicle’s body shell consists of press-hardened steel. This includes components such as of B-pillars through roof structures, rocker panels, cross beams and complete door frames. Eisenmann subsidiary Telos Global in Tennessee, US, supports OEMs with production and knowledge transfer in development and processes with the help of a fully automated testing and production facility. They cover every phase of the value creation chain – consulting on component development and engineering, production planning and implementation, from prototype construction to production and comprehensive services, including training.

Eisenmann possesses far-reaching expertise in the construction of roller hearth furnaces for heat forming steel components and builds the absolute best plant to match every customer requirement.

Painted aluminum panels, produced by the coil coating method, are on the rise, especially in the food, facade and automotive sectors. The strips of aluminum, steel and nonferrous metals have to be treated in pretreatment and paint drying plants. That’s where custom-built plants come into play. From vertical installations running at conveyor speeds of up to 500 m/min. to horizontal installations for strips up to 6 mm thick. In pretreatment, consistent process parameters are the key to repeatable surface properties such as roughness, evenness and hardness. In addition to effectively removing dirt, it is also necessary to eliminate the oxide layer on the strip surface and apply a conversion layer. Our sophisticated plant and control systems maintain process parameters and keep energy and media consumption low.




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